News roundup

A series of articles from the Times of Malta that discuss the recent ruling by the European Court of Human Rights regarding the Dublin II Regulations.  The court ruled that the Regulations, which state that asylum applications must be handled by the country in which the asylum seekers first arrived, were inhumane.  This stipulation means that if asylum seekers claim asylum in another country other than the one they arrived in, they will be sent back the the the first country of arrival.  The most common countries of arrival to the EU ("border states") such as Spain, Greece, Cyprus, and Malta are often poorly equipped to handle large numbers of asylum seekers and the migrants end up living in terrible conditions in accommodation centres or on the street.  If you ask me, which you did not, the ruling incorrectly puts the blame on Dublin II rather than the countries such as Greece and Malta who do not want to be responsible for taking care of asylum seekers. The ruling is in Malta's favour as it makes it strengthens its call for changes to Dublin II and essentially relieves them of the impetus to improve the state of their asylum system (including their open centres such as Marsa).  But that is my opinion...

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